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Welcome to Twinkle Tunes!

Discover your child's inner joy through music and movement 


    Hi! I'm AnnaLouise, qualified teacher, certified Kindermusik instructor, former concert pianist, and owner of Twinkle Tunes. I provide informal, interactive, joyful music and movement sessions for you and your little ones in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

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    Movement and music groups for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

    Fun-filled, interactive, bonding sessions with your little one,
    focusing on singing, playing instruments, and moving and grooving!


    A joyful and wonderful way of nurturing your child's creativity,
    expression, curiosity and imagination. 

    Just a few of the benefits from music and movement classes...


    Improves concentraton and listening skills

     Develops confidence 

    Stimulates imagination

    Cultivates physical development

    Strengthens bonds with loved ones

    Helps with communication
    and self expression

    Fosters an early love of music


    Twinkle Babes ages 0-1

    VicWest Community Centre
    Mondays 11:15 am

    October 30th - December 18th
    (no class November 13 for Remembrance day)
    Drop ins on a sliding scale, from $10 - $15 
    These are 30 minute sessions



    Twinkle Toddlers ages 1-3

    VicWest Community Centre
    Mondays 3:30
    October 30th - December 18th
    (no class November 13 for Remembrance day)
    Drop ins on a sliding scale,  $10 - $15 
    These are 30 minute sessions


    The age suggestions
    for each class are not strict. If your child is a little older or


    younger than the age group
    specified, please bring them along anyway!
    Children of all ages learn from each other and benefit from the music and the fun no matter what age they are
    and we welcome everyone! 


    If you would like to register for a class and save your space, please go to this website click on the link below
    Or, if you would like a little more information about the classes, please send me a message!   

    For more information about Twinkle Tunes,  please send me a message.
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