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AnnaLouise Ford

Whether you are looking for
live music for your event, a music and movement class for your little ones, or just to read a fun blog about being a mama, I got you covered!



I offer professional musical entertainment for any event, both as a soloist or as part of a cello piano duo. The music I play is a mix of classical, jazz, celtic and pop.

To hear some of my recent recordings, just pop over to my               page and for more information about the duo, you can find it on the            tab.


In the                 tab, you can check out my music and movement classes for you and your little ones.


Throwback to teaching the Hakka in 2009!


I started taking piano lessons at the age of 4, and trained at the Victoria Conservatory of Music under May-Ling Kwok and Dr. Robin Wood. I graduated with my ABRSM in 1996, at which point I was accepted to the University of Toronto to study with Marietta Orlov, obtaining my Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance in 2002. I then travelled to far off lands including South Korea, Australia, Nepal and India, where I was a teacher, a missionary, a volunteer, and a concert pianist. After meeting a boy in Korea who brought me back to Bristol, England - my birthplace, I spent three years teaching at a Montessori nursery, took a post graduate teaching degree, became a school teacher for 10 years, got married and had an extraordinarily wonderful child with an extraordinarily wonderful man. Now, my little one is 3, my family and I are back in Victoria, B.C. for good, where I continue to perform, teach and compose music. 


A little bit about me...

I feel so blessed to be making a living through my passion for music. Music is the magic that inspires and rejuvenates me, it is the life that dances, unceasingly, through my body and soul, and I will always feel eternally grateful for  this priceless gift, to be able to make it, to love it, and to share it with others.

Viva la musica !!

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